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I have mixed sound for 25 years in various types of productions.

This Year I worked on the launch of a new series "Sledgehammer" on the DIY network as well as the launch of the new SEC network. I am also working with the NFL and NFL Films on the new "Enhanced Audio Project" which involves micing up four players for every NFL game to get real sounds from the game.The last couple of years have been filled with everything from "E60" and "Rise Up!" on ESPN to chasing "Swamp Men" through the Everglades for National Geographic.

I followed "Extreme Couponers", "Toy Hunters" and "Gypsy Brides" for TLC and A&E, as well as a couple of seasons of "MBYG Disney" on HGTV, . It was an honor to follow Magic Johnson, Bobby Knight, and Coach Lou Holtz back to their boyhood homes for "Homecoming" on ESPN.

I have chased tornadoes for National Geographic. Covered hurricanes and floods for ABC Nightline . As well as hunting ghosts and Americas " loch ness monster" for the Travel Channel. I bring a strong audio background in both EFP and ENG for broadcast. Some of my favorite projects have been documentaries like

"Take us Home", "Shakespeare Behind Bars",

"The Twister Chasers", and "138 Seconds". 

A couple of continuing projects include "Desperate Landscapes" and

"Sledge Hammer" on the D.I.Y. Network . I also continue to be a day player for,

NFL Films, NFL network, Fox sports One, HBO, MLB Productions, Nascar,

CBS sports, CBS News, ESPN, ABC News, ABC 20/20, NBC Sports, NBC News, NBC Dateline, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, TLC,

Americas Most Wanted and many more. 



Located within TWO hours of :

Dayton, OH

Columbus, OH

Indianapolis, IN

Lexington, KY

Louisville, KY

Within FOUR  hours of :

Cleveland, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Parkersburg, WV

Knoxville, TN

Nashville, TN


Cincinnati, Ohio 45236




If you are in need of a complete production crew please check my links to trusted production companies and crew for more information.

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